The last few decades have witnessed the transformation of armed forces across the globe driven by the Revolution in Military Affairs(RMA). Technological developments, particularly in Information Technology (IT) and communications have led to the concept of Network Centric Warfare(NCW), characterised by exponentially enhanced situational awareness, decision making, dissemination of information and precision strike capability. Commanders who employ these capabilities innovatively achieve success at a fast tempo and least cost.

Geointelligence is a critical requirement for defence and security operations due to the need of reliable and real time information integrated with spatial data. Creation of a credible GIS infrastructure is a necessity and spatial information must fl ow from battle space deployed sensors to the warfi ghter and weapon platforms. It underpins not only defence and security but also public safety and disaster management. The requirements of standards, interoperability, security, scalability and sustainability need to be addressed urgently.

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  • Bring together the military, government, security offi cials and the industry for a comprehensive overview on the use and applications of geospatial technology in defence, internal security and disaster management
  • Deliver a perspective on cutting edge geospatial technologies and global trends and standards through technical sessions
  • Provide a platform for networking and interaction with various stakeholders